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Training Future Leaders

Learn all about leadership building blocks with help from Wesley Gibbs Consultancy.

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Leadership Workshops 

Opportunities to Hone Your Skills

Learn all about leadership building blocks with help from Wesley Gibbs Consultancy.

We offer workshops for clients in New York, New York and its nearby areas.



What differentiates one leader from another? It’s the people. Leaders are in a unique position to drive and influence key outcomes that exceed corporate goals.

Even though the bar is raised year after year, leaders step up and move their firms forward. Through sheer grit, innovative thinking, and the creativity and commitment of their team members, they lead everyone toward success. We’ll explore those core skills that help leaders:

  • Communicate Effectively With Stakeholders and Clients
  • Inspire Their Teams
  • Engage in Strategic Thinking and Tactical Solutions
  • Be Transparent About Changes
  • Adjust Their Management Style to Reflect the Situation They Are In 


Effective communication and effective leadership are intricately connected. Strong communication skills enable leaders to foster close-knit relationships with employees, clients, and executives.

With this course, you will learn the following skills:

  • Active Listening to Determine the Full Context of the Conversation and Situation
  • Connecting to Others With Empathy by Understanding Their Perspectives
  • Giving, Receiving, and Acting on Feedback
  • Explaining Complex Strategies As Simple as Possible
  • Being Purposeful and Intentional at Every Meeting and Having Follow-Up Plans 


Great leaders inspire their employees and team members to go above and beyond to achieve business objectives and realize career goals. Motivation unlocks the “can-do” attitude that empowers your team to be innovative, engaged, and focused.

This course helps leaders with the following:

  • Setting Effective and Realistic Goals
  • Providing Resources and Insights for Your Employees to Help Them Accomplish Day-to-Day Tasks
  • Recognize Employees' Hard Work in Meaningful Ways
  • Guiding Employees As They Develop New Skills and Take On Bigger Challenges
  • Unleashing the Superheroes in Your Employees


Can one person do it all? No, not really. That is why the art of delegation is a core component in building stronger teams and future leaders.

Delegation frees up time, enabling leaders to focus on strategic effort and success metrics. This course helps you reinforce and strengthen delegation skills, including:

  • Preparing Your Team for Added Responsibilities
  • Conveying Clear Expectations
  • Setting Solid and Achievable Deadlines
  • Selecting the Right Person to Delegate the Task
  • Taking Action and Course Correcting When Something Is Off Track 


Being positive sets the tone with everyone you encounter. Your employees are looking for someone who leads with authority and inspires them to get work done. This course will guide participants in being their best self, helping them to:

  • Exude Enthusiasm That Motivates Employees to Stretch Beyond Preconceived Boundaries
  • Engage Employees With a Consistent Approach
  • Foster Resiliency in Your Employees to Help Them Navigate Challenges
  • Create an Environment That Encourages Problem-Solving
  • Foster Workplace Experiences Where Employees Want to Be — Whether Its Virtual, Hybrid, or 100% in the Office


Trust is a two-way street. Your employees want to be confident that their leaders believe in the team’s capabilities to get the job done.

Your team wants to know that their leader is right there with them to help deal with obstacles. This course focuses on honing skills that help demonstrate:

  • Trust in Your Employees’ Capabilities
  • Authenticity (You Do What You Say)
  • Integrity (Representing Strong Personal and Corporate Values)
  • Commitment to Employee Development and Success
  • Demonstrate Interest in Benefiting From the Differences and Unique Perspectives of Each Employee


Feedback is one of the most powerful tools that leaders can use to help employees grow and succeed. With ongoing feedback, a leader can connect to an employee’s interest in doing better, learning more, and delivering great work. This course strengthens leadership skills and helps them:

  • Give Objective Feedback Designed to Help Employees Identify Action Steps to Move Forward
  • Target Behaviors Instead of the Person or the Team
  • Reinforce Individual Accountability
  • Fuel Employee Engagement
  • Build Trust Between You and Your Employees


Unlock the creativity in your employees and empower them to become innovators, pioneers, and catalysts of change. Craft a roadmap to spark curiosity and generate ideas that differentiate your firm from others. Discover tools that help employees:

  • Analyze Situations and Conceptualize Different Strategies and Approaches
  • Be Fearless and Willing to Be Different and Take Risks
  • Move Beyond Failure and Utilize Lessons Learned to Achieve Success
  • Evaluate the Possibilities and Push Beyond the Standard Approach
  • Recognize and Embrace Unique Perspectives